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House: Too much too soon

355p. Too Much, Too Soon? argues strongly that the more we push early formal and cognitively based learning, the less effectively will young children really learn in the longer run. Challenging new research indicates no difference by Year 3 between those children taught to read early, and those taught..

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Sealey: Making Waldorf dolls

This comprehensive, well illustrated book will give even the most nervous beginner the confidence to produce a unique, handcrafted toy from natural materials. Once you have mastered the basic baby doll, you can progress to a more ambitious limbed or jointed doll.

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Neuschütz: Sewing dolls

110p. With step-by-step instructions for making a range of beautiful dolls and their clothes, adults and children alike will benefit from this delightful book. Patterns are provided for soft dolls, baby dolls, knitted dolls and dolls with moveable arms and legs — all made from natural materials..

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Santer: Green fingers and muddy boots

111p. Developed in association with the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society, Green Finders and Muddy Boots is the perfect interactive guide for young gardeners. This accessible book is packed with basic gardening information, and the accompanying worksheets present fun, practical activities -to do..

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Berger: The Easter craft book

87p. Easter time has a traditional wealth of symbols representing new life and rebirth: the eggs, the hares, the chicken and the lamb, Mother Earth and the flower children, birds and butterflies. The authors show how to make Easter figures and decorations of dough, wool, felt or tissue paper, different..

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Muller: Summer

12p. Robust picture book by Gerda Muller.

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Muller: Spring

12p. Robust picture book by Gerda Muller

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Kutsch/Walden: Summer

Nature activities for children 79p. This book is packed full of fun nature activities that will help children engage with the season and learn practical new skills.

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Leeuwen/Moeskops: The Nature Corner

87p. Seasonal nature tables are an invaluable way of making young children aware of the changing cycle of the year. With simple materials, and basic knitting and crocheting skills, a series of colourful and effective tableaux can be made at home or in school for depicting the seasons and major festivals..

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Allen: Drawing geometry

86p. Geometry is both elegantly simple and infinitely profound. Many professionals find they need to be able to draw geometric shapes accurately, and this unique book shows them how. It provides step-by-step intructions to constructing two-dimensional geometry, which can be readily followed by a beginner..

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Kovacs: The age of discovery

220p. An overview of world history from the time of the Crusades to the Renaissance, including Saladin, Joan of Arc, Columbus, Magellan, Queen Elizabeth I and Francis Drake. To the Steiner Waldorf Education curriculum this period of history is taught in class 7(age 12-13). Charles Kovacs was born in..

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Kovacs: The age of revolution

239p. An overview of world history from the eighteenth to twentieth centuries, including the French, American and Industrial Revolutions. Kovacs chooses pertinent stories which create a tapestry showing the development of humankind from medieval times, when every person had their place in the hierarchy..

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Edwards: Projective geometry

347p. The elements of geometry are points, lines and planes, together with Space and Nothing. In Euclidian geometry, we observe these as if we are point-centred beings concerned with extensive measurement. In non-Euclidian, projective geometry, we are 'planar' beings observing spatial relations, free..

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Avison: A handbook for Steiner-Waldorf Class Teachers

This popular book is a useful and practical resource for Steiner-Waldorf teachers with detailed suggestions and checklists for teaching all lessons for Classes 1 to 8. The extensive appendix features a compilation of planners for the Waldorf teacher's use, as well as a collection of example record..

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Streit: Journey to the Promised Land

Master storyteller Jakob Streit retells stories from the Old Testament, including the stories of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, Saul and David. This book is perfect for use in Year 3 (age 9-10) in the Steiner-Waldorf curriculum, or as a reader in Year 4. This is the second of Jakob..

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All Year Around

This book is a festival store cupboard: a treasure trove of tomorrow’s much loved childhood memories, all mingled together with a mix of coloured thread, delicious cooking smells, softly sparkling candle light and the snatch of a favourite song.
All Year Round is brimming with things to make,..

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